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Selfkey as an option for the next Australian census

The last Australian census was an outstanding embarrassment to the Australian Government. Couldn't my Selfkey ID somehow link the census platform so I could get counted securely. I have no technical expertise and no computer software program knowledge, but this seems like a solution to the federal governments problem if Australian Census was an option in the Marketplace for the duration of the census only. Wouldn't that make you guys some money if the government paid you a set amount in cryptocoins for each time the selfkey ID was used to complete the census stuff. The next census is in 2.5 years, Is that enough time? If you like this idea, can I get paid for it?

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  • Dec 29 2018
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    Edmund L commented
    19 Jan, 2019 03:58am

    Hey, thanks for writing this Samantha - It's a valid idea, but there is a company working on this: Horizon state. I think we would partner with them if we wanted to go after this, as I don't see it as a 'product' in the marketplace.