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Document Repository on the Platform for Sensitive Personal Records

The SelfKey platform is a great repository for personal ID documents, especially for the purposes of KYC in growing, increasingly uniform global policies. But the documents for upload are limited. It would be beneficial to have another repository section for more sensitive document an individual wishes to secure. For example, wills, birth certificates, marriage certificates,power of attorney, advanced directives and healthcare power of attorney, etc. These documents fall under the purview of what I believe the SelfKey concept is about.

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  • Oct 27 2018
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    29 Dec, 2018 05:42am

    The myHealth records in Australia, and the lack of security regarding personal details at the last Australian census is what decided me to download the Selfkey wallet. Also, I lost my passport and it was really difficult to transact with the Australian passport office because I didn't have the old passport number. I think this idea is awesome, particularly the bit with Wills and Power of Attorney. By the time I get to my parents safe to get the POA documents out and present them to whosoever I need to give them to, those people may have conducted themselves contrary to specific details in my parents living will. Having them e-stored to "coin" a term, would be so useful and also make me less nervous about being more then 30 minutes away from my elderly, not too healthy parents..