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Wallet ENS Resolution

Add in ENS (Ethereum Name System) resolution to the wallet.

GUI use

Display field (wallets / contracts) - ENS reverse resolution should be used and if an ENS name exists, display the ENS name, otherwise display the full address.

Input field (destination wallets / contracts) - ENS forward resolution for input addresses, with prompts to confirm the ENS name (do background lookup of ENS and display full address in a tooltip).

Tooltips - All fields that display an address should be capable of inserting an ENS and consequently do a lookup at that stage to validate the ENS. If the ENS if not valid, a red caution flag should appear next to the address field with the appropriate warning. If the ENS is valid, the destination address (for reverse resolution) should be contained within a tool-tip.


Would recommend that a setting be used to prompt for confirmation of a full address when sending to an ENS (ie. in the confirmation window, the full contract address as well as the ENS name should be displayed for confirmation). A setting to disable the confirmation would be nice to avoid needless repetition.

Address Book

Have an option to input an ENS name into the address book for frequent transactions.

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  • Sep 4 2018
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