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Specify Network

  1. Suggestion: In the OSX app there's a link to "buy Key", and below it there are these instructions:" Buy KEY on an External Exchange You may purchase KEY on many Exchanges worldwide and then transfer them to this wallet. KEY is availabe on these markets. After purchasing KEY on an external Exchange, transfer them to your wallet address:"

  2. First, there's a small typo ("availabe" vs "available") but the suggestion is to specify the ERC-20 network. In my haste and end of day blur I bought some KeyFi on BSC and sent it to the ERC-20 wallet without thinking. Now I have to try to recover it because, of course, it went from the BSC wallet and it needed to go through a bridge. I'm not a novice and obviously not immune from making mistakes, but newbies will not catch this nuance and you can save them the hassle by being clear.

  3. If you can tell me how to retrieve these tokens, that would be great.

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  • Apr 14 2022
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