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22 December 2021 Today Telenor Answer – My Telenor App Questions & Quiz

Today Telenor Quiz 22 December 2021

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On the off chance that you need to look for the Telenor replies to the My Telenor App Test Your Skills test? Since I have finished the test and won the test. Open the My Telenor App, then, at that point, select "Test your abilities" from the menu that shows up on the left half of the screen.

By addressing these inquiries, you can get additional free web MBs by means of the "My Telenor application." These free web MBs are substantial for one day in particular.

Allow me to clarify how you can get free web MBs utilizing the My Telenor App.

The most effective method to get free MBs from My Telenor App

Open the My Telenor App

Click on the "Test your abilities" from the menu that shows up on the left half of the screen.

The five distinct inquiries will currently be shown individually on the screen.

You smelly response these five inquiries accurately to get Telenor Free MBs.

To get 50/100 MBs, you should address the inquiries given underneath.

Telenor Quiz Answers Today Daily Updates

These responses can be utilized in the My Telenor application test. We were quick to address every one of the inquiries concerning Telenor. Make certain to return consistently to see My Telenor App question responds to. We furnish you with data that is both intriguing and important substance for your assistance. You can procure 100 MB or 50 MB of Telenor Free Internet with the assistance of this test.

Telenor Quiz Answers Today 22 December 2021

Question 1: what number wells were found in Moenjo Daro?





Reply: 700

Question 2: what number doors did the Walled city of Lahore Have?





Reply: 12

Question 3: How old is the Route of GT Road?

50 Years



25 Years

Reply: 2500 Years

Question 4: Rohtas post was worked under which line?





Reply: Suri

Question 5: Moenjo Daro ruins were first time found in which year?





Reply: 1911

Regularly Asked Question

What is my Telenor App?

The My Telenor App is each store for all your Telenor necessities. Utilizing the My Telenor App, you can see, actuate, and deactivate your cherished bundles, really take a look at use history, and update your records, all from the solace of your own home!

What is Test your abilities?

The My Telenor App permits clients to check their equilibrium rapidly. The buy accompanies online client service. On this page, you will find the solutions to each of your inquiries regarding the present Telenor questions and that's just the beginning. There are no mistakes in the solutions to the inquiries. Subsequent to addressing the inquiry, Telenor will provide you with a couple of Mbs of free information.

How you can contact Telenor?

To dial +92 (42) 111 345 100, you will be given bit by bit direction that will direct you through the menu choices. Utilize the accompanying email address telenor345@telenor.com.pk to reach you with any inquiries you have in regards to Telenor's administrations, the Telenor network bundles value, current offers, or any protests you have.

How to get Telenor free web MBs?

To answer the My Telenor App Quiz Questions, you can rapidly get Telenor Free Internet MBs.

What number of Telenor Free MBs you can get from My Telenor App test on 22 December 2021?

You can get 100 or 50 MB of free information by means of the My Telenor App Test Your Skills test on the off chance that you answer all inquiries. In any case, your information will be lost following one day, and you should finish Telenor's test again the following day.

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