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All About Quality Assurance

Read all about quality assurance and the advantages of quality assurance.

Quality assurance’s role is to ensure the quality standards of both processes and products are met. In an ideal world, there is no need for a department or direction specific for quality assurance, because every manager, every technician, is aware of the processes and product specifications, and self-responsible for them.

Quality assurance is necessary to refine the final product. Without QA, there’s no way to guarantee the deliverable is free of any major mistakes and meets standards. With physically tangible products, QA refers to defects like poorly printed images or missing parts.

So some experts may argue about the need or not to have specific quality assurance people since quality assurance should pervade horizontally the organization. Buy construction supplies here.

Here are some of the advantages of quality assurance:

  • Reduces the cost of poor quality to the organization, helping projects stay on schedule and on budget, then progressing to saving time and money by catching problems early and reducing high-cost scrap events.

  • Provides an independent eye to catch issues that the person/group who made the product might overlook.

  • Ensures management visibility into what is working well and what isn’t.

  • Provides customers with an assurance of a quality product, opening up a wider market and reducing the need for costly customer oversight/micro-management. Get the best quality construction supplies from a construction supply online shop.

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  • Jul 30 2021
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