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Freeze address

Hello !

I called this idea freezing!

In the wallet, you can make a specific section for those who want to freeze their coins for a specific time - that is, the user himself will choose for how long the freeze will be!

This feature can be combined with the wallet staking feature!

So how is it going to work?

In a special section, an address is created for a specific coin or token - when creating an address, the user will be asked how long it will take to get access to this address! Let's say the user has chosen 1 year - in a year a letter with a password and a secret phrase from this address will come to his wallet!

Why would this be useful?

Simply because a person has his own emotions and he can sell certain coins - without waiting for a suitable price!

And here there will be a freezing function - the user does not want to, but he will get access exactly after the period that he indicated at the beginning when creating the address!

I hope my suggestion will be useful to you!

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  • May 5 2021
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