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KYC for Luanchpads, IDOs and ICOs

Just wanted to share an idea with the SelfKey team. Have you thought about reaching out to Launchpads (PAID, CyberFi etc) and any ICOs and IDOs to do their KYC checks? Personally I hate having to share my passport, drivers licence etc each time to a group of total strangers. It would provide visibility and direct engagement of the product to tons of people actively interested in crypto, and would save the launchpads etc a ton of admin and regulation headaches. Could even provide the service for free. Everyone wins. What do you think?

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  • Mar 31 2021
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    25 Aug, 2021 01:12pm

    Personally I believe the entire launchpad field goes against everything crypto was meant to be. Have to hold so many native coins and tokens to get on a list and have a chance of getting in on the ground floor of new projects. The entire whitelist is just the crypto equivalent term for "Accredited Investors". The rich get richer... When will we once again see fair launches of projects. I say discover a means in which limited participation on the part of everyone. This way there is no built in whales to manipulate. Working on it currently. Not the code the concept.