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Air To Water Heat Pumps Can Be The Right Solution For Your Home

There's an incorrect public perception that ground to air heat pump systems (Air to Water Heat Pumps) are more energy-efficient than air to water heat pump systems, and therefore more financially lucrative to operate. But the process shows that although conceptually similar, the air to water heat pump systems do have similar operational costs, albeit much less over the longer term. To understand this, take the time to look at a typical heat pump in operation - you'll see that the pump takes some energy to make the heat. But once it's started up and pumping out hot air, it's self-contained, has its own energy source, so it's much more "conserving" than the air to ground heat pump. Once the system is running though, there's an initial expenditure for all that cooling, but it all pays for itself over time.

In the case of air-source heat pumps though, there's an even better way of thinking about the operation. Because air-source heat pumps operate by moving air (which is in the form of a gas) into a colder environment, their initial input of energy is quite low. This means that the unit's operating costs can be kept as constant or even slightly negative, depending on your circumstances. The main reason behind this is the fact that the air-source heat pump's compressor works using a closed cycle - that is, it doesn't have any moving parts. So you can keep your compressor running without it breaking down, and your central heating going without any of that expenditure involved in the actual running of the unit.

Air to air heat pumps are not the only option available for your home. For homes where ventilation isn't an option, hydronic radiant heat is a good and relatively cheap option for providing heat and comfort to you and your family. However, air to water heat pump systems are still by far the most effective. Installing a system like this will provide your household with the opportunity to enjoy comfortable, efficient heating at a much lower cost than you could ever imagine.sprsunheatpump.com

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  • Feb 4 2021
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