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Make your Wallet Easier to Use

Most users of crypto find the process of sending/receiving tokens complex and risky. Quite a few have even lost funds from transaction errors or man in the middle attacks on public addresses.

What if you could join a rapidly growing list of wallets, exchanges and crypto payment processing platforms that are making crypto easy and worry free? And make income by doing so.

The FIO Protocol is a decentralized usability layer for the blockchain ecosystem that enables crypto products to allow their users to send/receive crypto to human readable wallet names (e.g., alex@selfkey) as well as send/receive decentralized payment requests (e.g., order carts, invoices, notes to others for peer to peer payments). And transactions can include information about the context such as notes, order carts, exchange deposit confirmation details, etc.

The FIO Protocol is already integrated into many wallets and exchanges and many more are actively working on integrations.

FIO will also approve grants to cover integration cost should you decide to join its ecosystem. In addition, selfkey can earn approximately $1 for every user who utilizes the FIO Protocol in its wallet an ongoing residual from their utilization. For wallets with very large customer bases, additional incentives may be available.

Also, a release that accommodates other naming services like ENS and Unstoppable domains is being worked upon such that once you Integrate FIO. You won't have to Integrate ENS and Unstoppable domains separately.

Be part of revolutionizing blockchain usability and make an income while doing it!

I can assist with this process once you're ready to make the move.


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Oladimeji Shekoni

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  • Jan 30 2021
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