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You need to conduct a competent airdrop and issue a referral program

here's how to promote your wallet:https://atomicwallet.io/airdrop . and you all want freebies. make the same referral program. The price of the AWC token for 1 year rose from $ 0.01 to$2.25. Thanks to this referral program, they raised the price of their token 225 times in 1 year and gained 500,000 users. Their wallet supports 500+ supported tokens, instant exchange with cashback, staking, and in the wallet you can buy any cryptocurrency with a credit card, live support 24/7. You can earn up to 18% per annum on cryptocurrency staking:https://atomicwallet.io/staking. If you want users to buy Key tokens and there is a demand for them, do not be greedy, earn cashback for buying and holding Key tokens on the Selfkey wallet, something like this:https://atomicwallet.io/membership. For the purchase of cryptocurrencies( bitcoin, Ethereum, litecoin, ripple, stellar) in their wallet using a debit card or Bank transfer, they earn a cashback of 1%: https://atomicwallet.io/buy-bitcoin.

Study their website carefully. And do better than them. They have an Academy for learning about blockchain, a blog for articles like yours, a knowledge base:https://support.atomicwallet.io/ where you can find all the answers how to use the wallet and other functions, block Explorer: https://atomicwallet.io/blockchain-explorer. They raised the price of their token and increased the number of users by 500,000 people in 1 year with the help of a well-conducted airdrop (air landing). And you don't need to rely only on users from China. It's full of its own advanced tokens and blockchain companies. Develop your audience in other poorer countries such as (India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nigeria, Indonesia, Philippines, Venezuela). There is a large population and if you correctly conduct an airdrop, you can also raise the price of the key x225 token. It's real. I gave you a live example of how to conduct an airdrop and raise the price of the key token.

And how to ensure that there is a demand for Key tokens with the help of cashback for the purchase and storage of tokens inside the Self key wallet. And no Keyfi platform is needed when everything can be done in one wallet. I gave you a real example: https://atomicwallet.io/ which raised the price of Its x225 token over the year with the help of airdrop. Study their site, add a column of reviews like their own, create a forum for users to communicate on the site, and develop the project. Buy all the extra tokens from the exchange while they are cheap and start a competent airdrop like them. Arrange an airdrop with a referral program and as the price of the Key token soars, you will have funds to pay cashback rewards to referrals. Believe me, in such countries with a large population as India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nigeria, Indonesia, the Philippines, Venezuela for 5-10$ on airdrop you will get a bunch of downloads of the Selfkey wallet and a bunch of referrals. Come up with a mandatory condition for buying tokens and holding in the Self key wallet to receive cashback for storage.

In General, the idea is promising and with the help of a well-conducted airdrop and referral program, you can easily raise the price of the key X100, X1000 token and increase the number of users by several million people.

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  • Dec 25 2020
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    26 Dec, 2020 11:12am

    make the same referral program: https://atomicwallet.io/airdrop

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    26 Dec, 2020 11:09am

    Make the same referral program, cashback for downloading the Self key wallet purchase and storage of Key tokens on the Selfkey wallet. Increase the number of supported tokens in the Self key wallet to 500+, create a column on the site for reviews about the wallet, and create a forum for users to communicate.