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Buyback Key tokens

I appeal to the project managers. Do you know what a stock buyback is? To raise the price of the Key token, you need to arrange a repurchase from the exchange of excess Key tokens. You need to create a shortage and demand for Key tokens, then the price will go up. Share repurchases have always had a positive effect on their value. After the buyback price is always flew in a few times. The crypto community will take this idea positively. My personal opinion is the price is undervalued. The Key token should cost 10-50 times more than the current price. Show the community that you believe in the success of your project and are interested in the high price of the Key token. make a repurchase from the exchange of excess key tokens, let the price soar. You can always sell them later at a higher price. Success with the Key token will have a positive impact on the promotion of the Keyfi platform.

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  • Dec 19 2020
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