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Partnership with PundiX

Brief information:
Pundi X has developed XPOS (point of sale) to process cryptocurrency transactions.

Everyone has bought XPOS needs to open a business, It isn't quite easy to do it properly, I believe $KEY can come to play and offer a package almost Ready-to-Start.

Why does it matter?

Most of the people don't know or understand crypto and they need human interaction to learn about it. Pundi X enable half way to start, however, some of us know in this field it's easy get into trouble with the law.

What's the benefit for $KEY?

If $KEY token will be listed in the future into XPOS, this would encorage customers to talk about the services Selfkey Platform offers to its users. I strongly believe that the target of Pundi X and Selfkey may be similar and will benefit from a cooperation from both project.

SelfKey may provide services to set up a business to XPOS owner into the market place (Europe, ecc..)

Having $KEY into XPOS may bring a new wave of inverstors who need the services.

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  • Dec 11 2020
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    12 Dec, 2020 12:08pm

    Having a token on XPOS is creating a new use case for token holders , it also helps promote crypto to mainstream targets - Magish