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You need to launch a challenge in social networks to advertise KEY

I appeal to all self key cosmonauts, to those who are already in the rocket. When do you plan to take off? Maybe it's time? Stop loading the rocket. Are you satisfied with the price of the KEY token? In 2018, when the project first appeared and there was nothing else besides the plans and name, the price of the KEY token was $ 0.03. It is 10 times more expensive than it is now. Over the years, a lot of work has been done: a wallet, a mobile wallet, an incorporation market, a Bank account market, a crypto exchange marketplace, and much more. And the price dropped 10 times. This does not correspond to the work done. The price is clearly undervalued. The key token must cost at least $ 0.20 - $ 0.030, and may be more expensive. We have to overtake the Civic in price. Obviously, we have done more work and continue to develop. Let's help the team and us all get rich. Let's launch a challenge in social networks:Do you want to become a millionaire? I give you a promising idea.Buy key tokens for one of your salary and get rich, this project is the future:https://selfkey.org

After all, if everyone buys KEY tokens for one of their salaries, at least for$ 200, the price will skyrocket. One month's salary is not a pity for anyone, when there is an opportunity to get rich and earn for the rest of your life. Personally, I have already invested one month's salary and believe in the project that the price will shoot. We need to distribute the project in social networks, so that new users come to us, so that they recognize us, buy KEY tokens. My Twitter: https://twitter.com/Anton80314961, make retweets, advertise the project too. After all, we are all interested in profit.

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  • Nov 19 2020
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