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We need to increase the demand for the key coin and increase the fan base.

We need to increase the activity of our community. The team should share ideas, communicate with their fan base, so that we know and are aware of the latest innovations, what you are planning and how the process is progressing. News should be published regularly in social networks. Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and other social networks are the source for adding to your fans. It is necessary to attract users, explain them clearly and teach them how to use your wallet. You need to ask to do retweets, reposts of your records so that the number of users grows. Take the example of Link. How to explain the incredible growth of the coin? The team is not sleeping. It has entered into hundreds of partnerships over the course of a year with a wide variety of organizations: crypto startups, large companies, data providers, node operators, ecosystem creators, and others. Link is lucky with the community - they have a strong fan base that believes in the project and helps promote it in social networks. The number of new users of the Chainlink network is growing by an average of 1,500 addresses per day.

You underestimate social networks for nothing. You have found your niche in the field of digital identity, so develop it, share it with the community, train people, and convey information to them. Don't abandon the project. Otherwise, the coin will be delisted from major exchanges. The price will fall and never return to previous levels and you will never get into the top exchanges. Why can a key coin be delisted? Developers have abandoned their project, the project is not developing or is developing too slowly, weak coin volatility, the price is not growing, the coin is not needed by anyone, small trading volume, no demand. Therefore, to avoid delisting coins KEY it is necessary to develop the project is not silent, and with the crypto community that heard about you, talked about you, discussed that were of interest to the coin is KEY to its bought to be volatile and it was demand.

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  • Nov 15 2020
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