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We need super news for the project to start making a profit and the price went up.

1 KEY= 1$. That's what the price should be. When you have a great news to remember cryptocurrency. For bitcoin, the pump has started, and for other cryptocurrencies, too. Civic has already risen in price 8 times and continues to grow. The KEY stands still. We need a super news spread on the Internet while there is a pump of bitcoin. So that KEY also rose in price by 10-20 times. Bitcoin will collapse, everything else will collapse. And the KEY is at the bottom. It will go underground. We are waiting for super news from you so that 1 KEY costs $ 1.

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  • Nov 10 2020
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    10 Nov, 2020 08:50am

    The KEY wallet has more advantages over competitors such as the Civic. You just need to convey this to users. So the KEY should cost several times more than the Civic.

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    10 Nov, 2020 07:57am

    Bitcoin will not be corrected until it reaches$ 20,000. Use it at the pump to remember your cryptocurrency in 10-100 times. We need good news right now. Think back to 2017. Then, due to bitcoin, all cryptocurrencies rose in price by 10-100 times. Don't miss the time. Declare yourself now. If everything collapses, no one will need the KEY.