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Partnership with major porn sites and photo hosting companies

Ordinary users are not willing to pay for registration. We need to look for those who are interested in privacy and who have money. I can recommend porn sites like Pornhub.com. There is a multi-million audience sitting there. They are registered in order to download videos, sell videos, where the money is. Many people sit there through a vpn and hide their real names, because they are afraid of data leaks. They have money and are willing to pay for registration and security of their profiles. There, videos and photos are bought and sold using Fiat and displayed on webmoney wallets. Why don't they offer their own secure KYC and the ability to exchange dollars for any popular cryptocurrency inside the wallet. You need to offer your wallet and partnerships to such large porn sites and photo hosting. There is a lot of money spinning around and users would definitely be happy to be able to cash out and withdraw their earned funds through cryptocurrency anonymously so that the tax authorities are not interested.Try to negotiate with the owners of such sites and offer them your wallet and the ability to exchange and withdraw funds in any popular cryptocurrency.

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  • Nov 3 2020
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