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You need to look for major partners to thunder out loud.

You need to enter into a partnership with a large and well-known giant. As soon as you start to have new major partners and the crypto community finds out about it, they will believe in you and the price will soar quickly. Try to offer your KYC to some popular social network. Users do not want to pay for registration, when you can register everywhere for free, you need to offer something in return. We need to get users interested. For example, by registering in the social network of your partner, the user receives a crypto wallet in which you can immediately store, trade, exchange all the popular cryptocurrency. We need to increase the audience. Social networks are multibillion-dollar traffic. Out PAYPAL has added bitcoin and says users have responded positively. PAYPAL intends to increase the number of cryptocurrencies in the wallet.

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  • Nov 3 2020
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