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Making sure crypto-owners accounts are safe and possible for family to take over without major hassle

I don’t know whats in the roadmap, but one important feature I would like to see is something that takes care of the anxiety and details around possible death of an account-owner in the crypto-space.

Let’s say I have a wife and kids and I die.

The way things are now, it would be super-complex for wife to get hold of all the different keys and logins etc.

Having one trusted place like SelfKey (also safe against my wife until death or paralyzation offcourse 😅) would alleviate a lot of anxiety for folks.

I bet it’s something the team has thought about, and that would be a major selling-point for many I believe.

Even people who only have brothers and parents etc would like for them to take over whatever fortune or lost fortunes the accounts may be hiding.

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  • Sep 10 2020
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    Edmund L commented
    11 Sep, 2020 09:20am

    "Trusted" goes a bit against the concept of trustlessness required in the crypto space!

    However, this has been considered - it could be implemented via 2 things: a 'proxy contract' that holds the funds, and 'guardians' who could recover the proxy contract.

    Proxy contracts do allow additional features but funds are no longer in cold storage and held on chain.