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Social Media or Twitter visibility


There is not enough talk of the #SelfKey or $KEY on Twitter search. There should be a team to always connect to people on Twitter and telegram in order for us to be visible. Firstly if you search $KEY on Twitter, there’s all kinds of things like a Japanese(?) TV show and stocks, popping up which dwarf the actual crypto. People find no info there.

People come to you based on what you do, true. But how do they know what you do if there is not enough visibility in the internet? Very small percentage of people directly go to the website. Most would first try a search and then decide if they want to go to the website. Please have a team to post regular updates and news, on medium and telegram and while also hyping up the #SelfKey $KEY tags on Twitter (which is more important). This will help build the brand.

Thank you.

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  • Aug 29 2020
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    13 Sep 11:06pm

    I wholeheartedly agree with this post. Please improve Selfkey social media footprint across Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat etc.....